Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic

This city of history, and age. Prague seems like an ancient piece of architecture that has been kept for hundred of years. The buildings and monuments hold so much. All the stories and lives that have lived in this city and continue to produced. I feel like it will be a remarkable place to visit. Very inspiring and special. It is one of the cities that have to be visited if your doing a trip round Europe. The shopping, fashion and style is reasons for visiting. Eastern Europe may not be the richest of areas, the demographics may show a large lower socio-economical status but the history and architecture is so special and unique. Presenting Ancient roman architecture. Prague is certainly on my list! Maybe I should make a page with a list of places as well.Prague is an adventurous and wild city. So much to do and see. But to do a true and fully description of this is impossible. Well for me that hasn’t visited it yet that is. But be sure to follow me and see all the amazing things that I see when I visit this cultured city. I really don’t know what else to say but the architecture and culture has got me dead set on visiting the beautiful city of Prague.



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